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The Next Big Thing ? Tablet Sales Will Explode To 450 Million By 2016

Tablet Market, Overview from Business Insider, Web Article Nov. 2, 2012, similar to Previsions from IDC and Gartner.

Visit the detailed article about tablet market especially the last 2 growth drivers!
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Koegler Electronics has Already Developped an Amazing Product which Goes Far Beyond the Limited Sizes and Features from those Mainly Content Consuming Devices.

Seeking Innovative Partners : Investors and Financial Experts and/or Economic Development Executives and/or Enterprise with Early User to Benefit from the Take off from this B747-8! :)

~ ~ ~ Next Big Thing because ~ ~ ~ ==>

- Worldwide Unique and Useful Ergonomic Mobile Computing and Entertaiment Product.
- Worldwide Market Size Yearly 700+ Million Units.
- Worldwide Market Value Nearly US$ 400 Billion/Year Market with Strong Growth.
- Design + Manufacturing Employ on few Locations almost all in China over 3 Million of Peoples!

Business Opportunity - Solution to the Lack of Strong Mobile Computing Product:

We believe there is a market for mobile computing products bigger as all the "toys" :) actually produced and marketed. Not all the books are pocket books, nor are the newspapers and magazines as small as our electronic replacements.
We propose this better product as replacement for Tablet PC, Ultrabook PC, Netbook PC, Notebook PC, most of Desktop PC or PC-TV, Photoframe, Television, Mediaplayer, Navigation Device etc... Therefore, it concerns a market of some hundred billion USD. A very low market share, like 1 of 1000 means 0.1%, would be ridiculous for our competitors Apple, Dell, HP, Sony, Acer, Asus, LeNovo etc, because they are not interested in "low volumes" products! Also, only very few companies are bold enough to venture to sell first products really innovative especially low volume products. But hey, in mid term, 50 000 units a month, that's amazing for our young company :)
The product is ready for production, with the right "bridge financing" it can be delivered in 2-3 months. The team, even under 10 peoples all on a not paid partner base, has already successfully designed, manufactured and marketed with unusual gross margins desktop but portable products like monitors, all in one PC and PC TV. We have a range of products that are technically and financially better positionned as those from our competitors with some thousands times higher staff members and financial creditlines.

International Recognition - Awards - Results

Jun 2012: Awarded Top30 from 4300 Suppliers at Computex Taiwan Second Largest BtoB IT/CE Trade Fair and WebMarket Place. We share this award with 29 other like MSI, Asus, Acer, HTC...

Visit the Computex Top30 Koegler website
Computex is co-lead by TAITRA (Taiwan External Trade Council) and TCA (Taiwan Computer Manufacturers Association)
Nov. 2011 RedHerring Awarded Finalist Asia 2011 and
Nov 2012 Awarded Finalist Global (America / Asia / Europe)
Visit the RedHerring Website with Koegler listed

0) What We Need, Why, When, Where and Steps

Due to comfortable margins (due to a combination of innovations in the product design and German based industrial engineering for manufacturing process, optimised costs and clever supply chain on one side, a hungry market even only some niches in a first stage, but broad enough worldwide for that unique product on the other side) we need only a last growth financing, after a seed financing of US$200K over love money done 4 years ago, which is a proof of some sales and low burning rate ;)
K means KUS$ = 1000 US$
- 500 K : Final Product Optimisation R&D, Confirming Supply Chain, Tooling Design and Tooling Invest
- 500 K : Fab and R&D Center Rentals, Staff Cost 10-20 Peoples R&D, HW/SW, PR, Marketing, etc til Break Even Point
- 3000 K : Working Capital for Securing Best Components from 1st Tiers Suppliers (Intel, LG, Seagate...) and some "Pearls" we Already Found & Tuned to Become Key Supplier for Specific Proprietary Parts at Minima of Order
- 1000 K : Marketing Invest Cost, Advertising, Branding, PR, Events, Trade Fairs, Koegler Stores in Key Strategic Cities and Areas (Paris, Berlin, USA) to Grow in a Later Franchising Chain.
When? Where? As soon as possible as "we" and "the market" are ready. We can relocate where the financing partner wish it, to protect its assets, of course we have some ideas where is best, but are open and really flexible for other ideas and interests.

1) Financing Opportunity - Strong Earnings with Low Risks

We have to apologize that we are not the next Facebook/Google/Zynga or Instagram, the so called SoLoMo projects, we won't promise you to invest US$ 500K to get 30% equity and after 3 years the IPO or similar will value it for US$ 500M! But did you evaluate how many those mostly "kindergarten projects" are seeding worldwide? We are not like those projects for services (Google and Facebook are almost only advertising selling companies, means services) but are a "real physical goods but technology industry" like Apple (luckely it's the most valuable company worldwide now...) but also like BMW, Audi or Porsche are. The exciting challenge is however a simple deal, we plan to pay back the US$ 5M "mostly working capital financing similar to a credit line" in 6 terms from 11th month onwards with 12% interest, and we can talk about an additional "low risk prime" owner equity in this venture, which should reach after 3 years a mere of 1 to 1000 = 0.1% market share(we considere this as a low ambition and target). This means over US$ 300M revenues, at 35%+ EBIT, means a value of US$1000M at a low 10 PER! If you are honnest, you should recognize that actually there are not a lot of such low risks / high potential deals worldwide. We are also ready to discuss all other deals, from higher interests to no payback but only equity or another serious combination or convertible debt. And yes, some competitors as they are all very big players could do this too, but they won't as they focuse most to do higher volumes and either much smaller mobile products. And for the TV Sets industry, 17" is too small, TVs Are never big enough ;) Also for a completely new product line, their R-D budget is seldom under US$ 50M. We have the proof already that we can compete easily with their best products with a very low budget, additionally to the fact that we keep our manufacturing innovations also in house and our patent pending is a serious handicap for the use of a bigger tablet and this protects our advantage in the future including for our replacement innovative products some already in pre planning.

2) Rare and Interesting Economic Development Opportunity

If you are motivated, ambitious and in charge of the economic development of one of the 99% of the areas in the world which is in an industrial decline especially for electronics -means everywhere beside some regions in mainland China ;) - you should just imagine our common pleasure if we reach in YOUR area this project: a few hundred of happy workers, technicians and engineers having fun in a top class R and D center and fully automated manufacturing plant, a recognized brand with products soon sold worldwide and the prestige and awareness this brand can bring if mass marketed. Those aspects secure the future innovations in products but also, we insist, in their industrialization. We don't wish to share our German based manufacturing innovations with those who make the products for our competitors, nor we would cheat our customers that a Koegler product is made in the same fab as the low end products of ... :) Hey, why you think Porsche, Audi, Mercedes and BMW cars are almost made in their respective brand owned fabs mainly in Germany? By the way, what do you think a customer would feel, if he would learn suddenly, his (somewhat a bit more pricey ;) BMW was made in the KIA fab? Nothing against KIA, but it's not the same car league, at least as of 2012 ;)
How we can made it? Our suggestions are following, brain stoarm about your network and inform and maybe convince influential politics, bankers, wealthy peoples from your area etc to think about it, and maybe a sort of syndicate can seed and a common "let's do it" emerge. The next "Apple Inc." will be your flagship project and a learning example of successful economic development for years for your peers and those of your contributing partners.

3) Enterprise as Pilot Customer - High Return on Invest for these Devices

As an Executive or Senior Manager in an organisation with a broad staff and/or customers, you should become interested in our several (not limited) usagee cases you can find here, please visit the detailed webpage
Product , Features and Applications!
You should become interested in that product to improve either the productivity of your staff or to gain back and fidelize your customers. How to deal, you can buy those products in our pre production version, fully working of course, but not optimised and expensive, due to the lack of needed investment e.g. in toolings. The ROI is therefore for you less fast and the targets less ambitious. To improve your own efficiency you might be interested to become the first and for a certain time the only organisation which can take profit of the final version produced with optimised toolings and components, but this need an initial batch of 5000 units. The only for 6 months needed creditline maybe won't/shouldn't kill your balance sheet ;)

~ ~ ~

Project Advantages Flyer - For Discussion - Save Picture at High Resolution and Print it Full Page A4 Portrait This Full Page Can be Seen 1 to 1 on this Product at a Size 1.35 Times the A4 Printed Version

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