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Ecology - Green / Greenhouse - Environmental Issues

We wish using this important subject not only as an additional marketing tool with often empty promises or without important real facts, but as an extensive guideline from our company strategy. We will prove that we really take care over an important action plan to fullfill this common responsibility to become active in the contribution to a very fast becoming better situation of all environment related facts we can seriously influence and you will see here there are a lot:

Save Energy and therefore the often Needed Oil or Others Needed to Produce it

  • We use materials with an excellent energy saving manufacturing process like aluminum moldings or sheets cutted and bended, magnesium moldings, very light for transportation over until half the world, instead of mainly plastic like the mainstream manufacturers. Our logistic chain is highly optimized and basic heavy components are shipped by sea, some light products but important for final customizing and flexible customer deliveries are fast forwarded by air and assembled near the customers location, which can be planned near each important future market, as we are not only designer and brander, but really a manufacturer.
  • We promote best quality screens, as long it is possible, with the amazing resolution of 1920x1200 pixels, by far the best compromise between sharpness and needed computing power for handling and with reasonable sizes, actually 22" and 26" and coming soon 17" as a the best worldwide mobile solution. Practical ecological fact: you get for 1 to 4 simultaneous users 2.3 millions of pixels, means higher as full high definition, still or video pictures with only need of 5 to 30 W power as a monitor, 10 to 40 W as a television and 20 to 50 W for a Computer / Television combo! Please compare a 17", 22" or 26" portable screen on your table with 40" to 60" screen far from your eyes located on the opposite wall on a non needed piece of furniture, which needs between 100 to 200 W MORE power, and this while daily use from 2 to 16 hours (office work and later private fun, internet surf or TV) or the equivalent burning value of oil in 10 years! Should we not stop the unlogical and environment unfriendly inflation in big screens? Why not use a 200" screen fixed on the wall our neighbour's house ;-) ?
  • We promote optimized computing products, get sufficient performance with less power, our combo computer-television use 5 to 20W for the digital signal processing. Our easy to use portrait mode screens available on ALL our products as of 2013, allows to see about 2 times more on internet or office work use, means you save time and therefore energy as you can turn off your computer after less time, regardless this also as "efficiency" as time saving inb your life! The less power use means also less heating and therefore also in warm countries, less power to cool down the office or home over the energy hungry aircon system.
  • Estimation of lost energy in equivalent of oil needed, for better viewing what we talk about:
    lower case: 100 W x 2 h /day x 3650 days in 10 years x 8 kWh /l oil = 91 liters or 24 U.S. Gallons in 10 years of use!
    upper case: 200 W x 16 h/day x 3650 days in 10 years x 8 kWh/l oil = 1460 liters or 386 U.S. Gallons in 10 years of use!
Use and Save Environment Friendly Material

  • We use materials really environment friendly, steel, aluminium and magnesium, the most abundant metals on Earth. As an example, aluminum is the third most abundant of all elements (after oxygen and silicon). Aluminum and magnesium are 100% recyclable without any loss of their natural qualities. Only 1 liter equivalent of oil is needed to produce one Kg of aluminum with our average use of first and recycled metal. Some of aluminium plants are near a waterfall powerplant where the energy is free.
  • We use only for small parts with complicate shapes some plastic materials which are difficult to recycle, have even low but an existing toxicity due to the additives. The production and use of plastics has a range of environmental impacts. Firstly, plastics production requires significant quantities of resources, primarily fossil fuels, both as a raw material and to deliver energy for the manufacturing process.
  • Our products are designed to become light as they are portable, this for sure save material. Even with almost more functionality, our products are the lightest in their categories.
  • About packaging, why should it not be possible without, to save all these wasted materials used only some minutes? Especially as our products are almost transportable, would it not be possible that the logistic chain staff take a little more care or accept the use of returnable transportation box? We try to develop a cool backpack to replace the packaging for a little oncost, as it will become an optional solution.
Better then Recycle the Product, Re-Use it or Use it Longer!

  • Our products are designed maintenance and repair friendly, and including technologies like digital ports USB3 / BT / DVI / HDMI and high definition resolution pictures still or video which won't become obsolete probably for the next 10 years, time needed before all broadcasting and networks have switched to that quality.
  • We will very soon begin with the management of spare parts, also not really often seen in our field, mainly because most of the brands are not manufacturers, this issue is nearly impossible to manage. We design and manufacture ourself the specific parts and components, we can made them again in 5 years! We plan not to change our products like others each couple of weeks, or have 100 models which differe only with minors characteristics, but coming from several manufacturers using different components and therefore spare parts can economically not be proposed. Become this product broken, it will be exchanged, as impossible almost to be repaired, it is a shame about waste of resources.
  • Our products are designed to be easy modified, later improved or up-graded. To protect your investment, we plan to set up a centralised market place accessible over internet, where the products can be exchanged or sold at the best price, allowing the invest in a different or newer product. The re-use of the previous older one can be a chance for a less wealthy customer to access at a lower price a high-end product and in the same time avoid any waste.

It is YOUR Earth, take care of it, don't follow all marketing trends dictated by the big CE/IT Brands!

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