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Tablet PC 15", 17" and 20" Powered with Intel Dual Core
Resolution Over Full HD 1920x1200 Pixels up to 2 Independent Screens (Internal and External)
Memory 4GB DDR3 - Files Storage up to 2500 GB

First Demos as Wearable Mobile PC (Patent Pending) 20" Done in June 2012 at Computex Taipei Nangang International ICT Show
and as 17" at Intel Embedded Computing Summit, Taipei October 2012 and Computex 2013

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The following design pictures and photos are from already existing prototypes!
The final product will become much slimmer and attractive (aluminium or magnesium alloy frame, cover in plastic reinforced with carbon fiber)!

Active area from most sold tablet 9.7" => 14.8cm X 19.7cm = 291cm2 or 46.6% A4 Sheet
Koegler 17" over Full HD 27.4 pixel/mm2 => 23.0cm X 36.7cm = 843cm2 = 135% A4 Sheet or 2.9 times more!

We run some prototypes of mobile PC based on amazing 1920x1200 WUXGA over Full HD LCD screens, size 17" and 20", with comparable computing power but much better visual experience (easy portrait mode) and portability as conventional mainstream notebook and desktop PCs.

In other words, those worldwide unique products shows you 2 to 4 times more content, means viewing area and pixels and therefore sharpness as most current tablets. Even the leader in tablets increased the resolution by 4 times, the content becomes only a big sharper and not in all case, as for website, the source is not planned for this resolution and won't become it soon, due to an not standart nor mainstream resolution. Also the viewing area is still 3 times smaller as our 17" version. As of mid 2012, the biggest tablet PC worldwide is 13" and this is only half area as our 17". It allows the viewing of entire traditional websites, complete pages of newspapers or magazines in full screen portrait modus, almost without scrolling. It opens unique business models especially in the mobile productivity, communication and entertainment, also due to multi tasking and free choice of operating systems (Windows, Mac OS if legally allowed like Europe on non Mac Hardware, Android, Linux...) or possible options (TV tuners, GPS sensors, connectivity WiFi, blue tooth, 3G...)

With 6 USB ports, VGA in/out, HDMI-DVI in/out it can be connected to projectors and big screens, all current accessories like set top boxes or TV cards can be connected or added internally over USB or PCIe.

This innovative and worldwide unique mobile product family can easily replace with a much higher user experience, efficiency and serious improvements tablets PCs, netbook and ultrabook PCs, notebook PCs and entry to mid level desktop PCs or PC-TVs. It runs on AC power, battery and wide input DC (10 to 18 V as standart, 10 to 30 V optiomal), available in cars / bus / trucks / boats / planes / trains etc... Touchbuttons, touchpads, slim keyboard, mouse and touchscreens are possible, depending on planned usages, and within a weight range between 1 to 1.9 kg even with 2500 GB of stored content.

Optional front holder allows a handsfree use sitting , standing or even walking, even in crowdy public transportation. Therefore, even more heavy in appearance, with the "wearable holder", it becomes the "lightest" mobile computing device: handsfree. On a table or desk, it conserves with its stand with easy pivot, a comfortable All in One PC or PC-TV.

We are looking for some serious "pilot run customers" (telecom co's, IT/CE/Photo distributors, print media for e.newspaper or e.magazine..., education), which can choice some not yet final defined features and options in order to fit better to theier business models, with at least the potential to finalize our first shot of 5 to 10 k-units with the needed mass production tooling (magnesium case) and specific mainboard (based on x86 CPU family, or others if needed).

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Applications, Examples of Typical Usages

With our Light Aluminium Front Holder (Patent Pending), High Quality
Mobile Computing Becomes Ergonomic and Comfortable

Information Medias, Newspaper, Magazines :

This worldwide unique products allow the viewing of a full page of current newspaper, even much bigger from area. It's possible to read as small written text and fonts as those found in printed media due to the sharpness coming from the over 2 millions of image pixels. The final user has the same feeling as with it's traditional print media, but with huge advantages like:

- saving of paper, ink, transportation and distribution of the physical media and the hours needed between closing of the content which will be printed and the final access by the reader. This is a huge improvement of eco-friendliness!
- access to readers which cannot be reached with the paper version (a regional newspaper can reach also everywhere users attached to the region).
- no need for the media operator to use a specific apps or a webhoster, it can manage itself its customers relationship
- user can store months or years of his newspaper and easyily read again instead of storing hundred of kg of paper.
- no need to re-format the content (saving of time before publishing), the same content as high resolution pdf or similar as send to the printing machines can be used.
- unique electronic device worldwide which allows the user the same viewing comfort and full page turning as his well known paper media.

The media industry has to focus on the content, the ad budget and the paid subscribers base and not on the paper logistics, additionnally to increase costs efficiency and ecological social responsibility

Sales Representatives - Education :

Imagine the possibilities with this high resolution and large area product for comfortable reading or showing to customers mainly in portrait mode of content identical as the traditional either big books or catalogues.
You can access all time and everywhere to the content of over 50 tons of high quality scanned paper almost handsfree! This is an opportunity for education ministeries and government agencies. Most of catalogues, school books are much bigger as the mainstream tablets, that's why we need those larger devices.

Photographers, Movies Makers :

Your equipement, especially the Digital Still Cameras manage pictures with a native resolution above the 10 Megapixels area, it would also be reasonable to use a high quality portable device to control as soon as possible the recorded content and/or to show it to customers or advisors with the highest resolution possible and a reasonable area, best compromise between portability and viewing quality and comfort.

Engineers, Architects, Designers, IT Experts :

Imagine the possibilities with your actual or better your potential customers you wish to gain, with this portable and powerful product, which can at least run viewers of your powerful business design applications at highest resolution possible and a reasonable area, best compromise between portability and viewing comfort. Of course it cannot replace a full HD projector with high end wall screen in a meeting with more then 5 peoples, but it's the easiest solution for meetings with 2 to 5 attendees and without the hurry to find and set up external devices (DVI/HDMI FullHD projector) and location (room with screen or at least a wide and clear wall)

High End Navigation and Entertainment Product :

Imagine the possibilities with this high resolution and large area product for comfortable navigation with portrait or landscape maps, depending if either north south or west east driving. It could not only show the map and position but also a lot of location depending high quality content and useful ad's of products and services. While resting, the driver enjoys the TV programs from free to air DVB-T or Web TV or hours of videos / photos / music stored on the max 1 500 GB dual hard disks or high quality portrait mode internet surfing. This is an opportunity for telco's and theier partners or transportation companies to motivate their drivers or recreational vehicles makers promoting it as one of the best accessories.

Real Estate as a Kind of Sales Representatives:

Imagine the possibilities with this high resolution and large area product for comfortable showing to your potential customers the videos high resolution or high quality photos of the several houses or apartment to propose. This can save you a lot of time and focus on visiting only what a customer already pre choice in your office! The ROI is probably in that case under 3 months!

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Commercial Flyer - Previsional Version - Save Picture and Print Full Page A4 Portrait

This Full Page Can be Seen 1 to 1 on this Product at a Size 1.35 Times the A4 Printed Version

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